2024 Best Real Sex Dolls

140cm (4.59ft) Real Life Cute Girl Big Chest Sex Doll Aoi

No nagging, no gf expenses, no troubles. we have sex in the shower regularly and in the car. I do like to take her out. this is what got me onto it. maluable and amazing. I have been outdoors camping with her and enjoyed taking her on trips.

148cm (4.85ft) Full Size TPE Real Love Doll Harriet

The doll is perfect! The pictures don’t do her justice! I would absolutely recommend to anyone who is even thinking about buying these! The shipping was very quick as well!

Realistic Petite Sex Dolls 2024

140cm (4.59ft) Big Boobs Slender Figure Premium Sex Doll Cathy

Doll is so lifelike. I just bought, and I’m so happy. Easy to move and easy to clean; she’s my perfect doll. This is the only retailer that has the dolls I enjoy.

140cm (4.59ft) Small Breasts Premium Love Doll at Affordable Prices Nancy

This might not be the best looking doll but it’s the most “useful” and utilitarian. It does everything I could want, is affordable, and is portable/not too heavy. I am very happy with my purchase and would buy from them again!

Best Real Sex Dolls For Sale

160cm (5.25ft) Small Bust Sex Doll with Red Hair Kay

I have over 20 dolls, silicone and TPE, and this is one of my favorites because of her realism, beauty and the various features that she has, some of which are unique to this doll.

160cm (5.25ft) Small Tits Asian Girl Sex Doll Mayu

When I did finally receive the doll I was not disappointed. It was worth the wait and I would definitely purchase from the site again. On a side note, being a painter, this doll also doubles as an excellent stand-in for a model when I don’t have a live one to work from.

The Best Sex Dolls: Fulfill Your Wildest Dream

163cm (5.35ft) Big Breasts Realistic Love Doll RE21061733 Priscilla

Ordered this one as I’m a sucker for red heads and tan skin. Communication was great, thanks (through email, good response time). Manufacturing and shipping took about 30 days, which was expected. She came in well packaged and looked great, I can say they are the real deal.

160cm (5.25ft) Big Chest Lifelike Sex Doll RE21061727 Charlotte

This is as close to “the real thing” as you are ever going to get. So real it’s like I lost my virginity. I have no regrets after what I just experienced.

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161cm ( 5.28ft ) Big Breast Chubby Big Ass Sex Doll E19081215 Cynthia

WOW !!! So realistic… Amazing… Thank you for being patient with me and my many questions and concerns throughout the process. The doll is way more attractive than the pictures. Also, much sturdier and heavier than I expected….Lol

161cm ( 5.28ft ) Big Breast Chubby Big Ass Sex Doll E19081218 Anfisa

My doll is fantastic. I even have a room for her. when she’s not in my bed. and you know even when I don’t feel like sex she gets me going all the time and when I don’t she is a great bed companion and spooning.